Plug and Play's Hottest Company for January 2016

Coolstar is a fabless semiconductor company developing disruptive energy efficient technologies based on proprietary silicon power transistors. Its innovative solutions have wide range of applications from mobile devices to cloud data centers, and anywhere that needs power and wireless connectivity. Coolstar's technology can provide substantial power saving: prolonging battery life for mobile devices, saving billions of dollars of operation costs for cloud data centers, and ultimately making a greener Earth.

Coolstar was founded in July 2014 at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA by Dr. Shuming Xu the president and CTO and Dr. Xiaotong Lin the CEO. The company secured seed fund in 2014 and series A fund in 2015; it has also established strong strategic partnerships with top foundry and tier-1 customers.

In 2016, Coolstar will start shipping products and raising series B fund. The company believes that L(uck), E(xecution), A(rt of technology), and P(arternship) are the key factors for its LEAPing success.